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The Future of Digital Games In The U.S.

North America is forecasted to be one of the most prominent Digital Gaming markets in the world. Digital games has always been a popular means of entertainment for the people of the region. Even though mobile gaming is becoming very popular with the masses, console games have always held the majority of the shares of the Digital Gaming market in North America. 


Worldwide Digital Gaming

 Latin America is one of the emerging Digital Gaming market. Governments in Latin America have recognized the industry, and it is identified as an important part of the industrypromotion agencies and their business events. The distribution and marketing for digital games are being revamped in the region.  

Thanks to rising incomes and increasing computer, smartphone, and internet access, China’s digital game market has become the world’s largest by revenue and number of consumers.

It's also reported that  India's digital gaming industry is growing rapidly, with behemoths like Alibaba backed-Paytm, Tencent, Youzu and Nazara investing in it. India’s mobile games market is estimated to worth USD 1.1 billion at a growth rate of 20 percent by 2020 and number of users expected to become 628 million by then.  

Gaming and related services are a major industry in Germany with revenues considerably higher than those of, for example, the movie industry. Digital Gaming revenues continue to result mostly from downloads, but in-game item selling has also become an important income source. Casual gaming, social gaming, and free-to-play MMO (massively multi-player online) games are driving this growth. The growing number of smartphones in Germany has resulted in increasing demand for mobile games – and it has opened up completely new customer groups. Germany attracts international gaming companies with its highly skilled internationally minded workforce, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, and government support as well as numerous gaming industry events.


Digital Gaming Future

With digital games you won’t have to wait for the game to install when it becomes available. It can be annoying to start a brand new game only for it to tell you that you have wait for the whole thing to install to the hard drive. In this age of wanting to be the first to experience everything, going for digital over physical is the best option to do so. 

 Digital gaming is going to rock the future generation for centuries. 

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